Alexandra Findrova, Director

My story of success in TIENS

Let me introduce myself and share with you my story of business with TIENS. My name is Alexandra Findrova, I am a professional construction engineer, and I have been working in TIENS since 2002.

...To create, to do things that you like doing which are beneficial for you and the people around you, to meet new people and countries, and sometimes to get to know yourself even better , to get out of the comfort zone,  to overcome fear, to learn constantly, to be on the move, to look for a way to better life and harmony, to learn humility and how to deal with something in perspective, to spread hope and love – that is a mission for a leader, that is a way, that is a life which I have always wanted. I am enormously grateful to TIENS for giving me exactly this way of living.

We have built a successful family business for 14 years under the wings of Chinese lion. It was not always a smooth way, a lot of turbulences waited for us. In the end,  I can say that a right attitude to the situation and belief in success has always been helpful to me. I have gained one of the top positions in TIENS Compensation Plan, I have earned a lot of rewards and awards. However, what I appreciate the most are that spiritual values and experiences I have acquired and the valuable people I have met on this way who helped me and still have been helping me with my transformation. I thank all of them for being in my life, through Chairman Li, my sponsors, my colleagues, my friends, my family, etc.

Of course, I have many plans and a lot of work to do. The time of passing on all of these experiences has come.  This is our mission.

TIENS is a tool for fulfilling our dreams and desires. This year is a breakthrough for TIENS, we are coming to the third phase of development. It is giving all of us enormous energy and strength that is for us as a power drive for another flight to the heights. So it is necessary to grab this opportunity and use it to a maximum extent.

THE CHANCE IS HERE FOR ALL, I am a proof that when someone dreams , looks for, decides to and acts – EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! This is my TRUTH and it is here for you, as well as me and my team.