Asian women are in superior physical shape. Their


TIENS Chitosan facilitates weight control, it is also


TIENS CordyCafé is an excellent, tasty beverage that


The properties of cordyceps, the ’miraculous fungus’, have

Date Concentrated Juice

According to Chinese medicine, daily consumption of even

Garlic Oil

Garlic was already valued for its antibacterial properties

Ikan – Cell Rejuvenation Capsules

Ikan TIENS combines gynostemma - a Far Eastern “longevity herb” with carrot


More effective Omega-3. It is 100% natural and

Nutri-Shape Block

TIENS Nutri-Shape Block is built around a nutrient

Nutri-Shape Burn

TIENS Nutri-Shape Burn, a famous raspberry-based formula, is

Nutri-Shape Trim

Glucomannan in Nutri-Shape Trim in a beneficial water-soluble,
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