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Food Supplements

TIENS Ikan Cell Rejuvenation Capsules Extra, 150 capsules

Food supplement containing purple carrot powder, extracts of

TIENS Glow COLLAGEN SHOT, 15 sachets, 225ml

Food supplement with collagen, ginseng extract, Manuka honey

TIENS CordyCafe Robust, 12 sachets

Food supplement with instant coffee from high quality

TIENS Nutrient Super Calcium Powder, 100g (10 servings)

Food supplement in sachets, with calcium, phosphorus, vitamins

TIENS Multi-Fibre Vitamin D3, 60 Chewable Tablets

Food supplement for increase of fibre intake. Contains

TIENS Zinc, 60 capsules

Food supplement containing zinc. Zinc contributes to the

TIENS SUPER Calcium capsules with Lecithin, 20 capsules

Food supplement with lecithin, calcium, vitamins C, E,

TIENS FOS Syrup, 6 sachets x 10 ml (60ml)

Food supplement in the form of fructooligosaccharide syrup.

TIENS Vigor Shot, 15 sachet shots, 175 ml

Food supplement with liposomal vitamin C, CitriSlim® extract

TIENS Beauty Duo, 30 capsules

Food supplement with evening primrose oil, chlorella powder,

Nutri Shape Shakes – Energising Chocolate, 490g (14 servings)

Meal replacement for weight control providing complete balanced

TIENS Nutri-Shape Shakes – Summer Strawberry, 490g (servings)

Meal replacement for weight control providing complete and

TIENS Kardi Forte, 30 capsules

Food supplement with krill oil and fish oil,

TIENS Fizzy, 14 sparkling tablets (84g)

TIENS Fizzy is food supplement containing extract of

TIENS Flexi, 60 capsules

Food supplement with Brazilian mushroom and turmeric extract,

TIENS Kangli, 60 capsules

Food supplement. The main components of Kangli are

TIENS Propolis

Honey is the not the only perfect fruit

TIENS Sleeping Duo

In order to maintain physical and mental health,

TIENS Digest, 90 capsules

Food supplement with bre and probiotic bacteria cultures

TIENS Grape seed extract (Cholikan), 60 capsules

Food supplement that enriches the normal diet with 

TIENS Vitality Softgels (Veikan), 30 capsules

Food supplement containing cold-pressed wheat germ oil, lecithin

TIENS Ikan (Cell Rejuvenation) Capsules, 150 capsules

A Food supplement containing carrot powder, Jiaogulan leaf

Super Calcium Powder for Children, 10g (10 bags)

Food supplement/dietary supplement in sachets, with calcium, phosphorus,

TIENS CordyCafé, 12 sachets (180 g)

Food supplement in a form of beverage with

TIENS Chitosan Capsules, 100 capsules

TIENS Chitosan is a food suplement that effectively

TIENS Date Concentrated Juice, 8 bottles (400 ml)

Food supplement with Chinese date concentrated juice.

TIENS Spirulina Capsules, 100 capsules

Food supplement containing dried algae powder Spirulina. A

TIENS Cordyceps, 100 capsules

Food supplement for adults that enriches the normal

Personal & Home care

Hydrogen Water Sprayer

Smart, fashionable Hydrogen Water Sprayer efficiently and rapidly

Hydrogen Water Sprayer

Smart, fashionable Hydrogen Water Sprayer efficiently and rapidly

OLANSI Disinfectant Water Generator

OLANSI Disinfectant Water Generator offers you a clean

SPA KARE Breathing Element Essential

According to the TCM theory, a life Qi

Cilvaris TIENS rejuvenating Hi-Tech cosmetic device

TIENS Cilvaris is an beauty instrument, based on

Multifunctional HeadCare Apparatus

Is your Bioelectricity well balanced Check if you have

Health Pillow

TIENS Health Pillow, based on the Traditional Chinese


The healing powers of magnets Were Already in


The healing powers of magnets Were Already in

Source of Health Hyper-H Health Cup

Water is our body’s crucial component. It constitutes

Health Blanket

Traditional Chinese Medicine claims sleep to be the

TIENS Health Mattress

The Chinese health concept assumes illnesses are to


It is a dental care product that is

TIENS Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner

The products we commonly eat, such as vegetables

TIENS Multifunction Fridge Purifier

TIENS Multifunction Fridge Purifier is a modern, small,
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