Multifunctional HeadCare Apparatus

Is your Bioelectricity well balanced

Check if you have these following symptoms  

  1. Increased or decreased blood pressure non-stop hiccup, indefinable pains
  2. Headache, hard to focus
  3. Agitation, insomnia, dreaminess, fury, tinnitus
  4. Hyperlipidemia
  5. Wound ulceration, take long to recover

If you have any one of the symptoms mentioned above

Your bioelectricity is in the chaos


Creatures produce a large variety of electrical potentials or currents during the courseof life movement, such as cell membrane potential, action potential, heartpotential and brain potential.

Everycell in human body contains positive charges lying ourside the membrain andnegative charges lying inside. The asymmetry caused by different quantities of potassium and sodium insideand outside the membrane leads to the forming of cell bioelectricity. Operations of human body are driven by these moving charges. When bioelectricity is indisorder, it is going to cause pathological change.

Multifunctional Head-care Apparatus is an integrated treating equipment which can balance blood pressure and deliver laser healthcare and vibrating massage, through intelligent mono-chip management system. By touching becket installed on the machine, Multifunctional Head-care Apparatus can be linked to human body to form closed circuit of electromagnetic field, therefore adjusting bioelectricity and balancing the blood pressure:

1. Rid the spasm of vascular smooth muscle, improve the blood circulation, boost arteriectasia and lower the blood pressure

2. Soften the thrombus, dredge the blood vessels and prevent the arteriosclerosis from forming again

3. Clean blood, lower viscosity and elasticize blood vessels On another hand

Multifunctional Head-care Apparatus also comes with the features of the laser:

1. Low-level soft laser, with its wavelength of 650nm, will improve micro circulation inside skin, clean blood and adjust immunity of organism

2. Effectively combine laser exposure with acupoint stimulation to balance blood pressure, boost metabolism and treat sub-health

3. Integrated design of control system makes it possible to automatically lighten the laser when it touches skin, not to mention its features of intelligence, power-saving and environmental protection

Multifunctional Head-care Apparatus offers two vibrating opinions: Non stop vibration and intermittent vibration. Massage saw tooth can be adjusted to any direction, making the design more human. Intermittent vibration can be used for head care while non stop vibration can be used for body care, different people may have different situations. Functions of Vibrating Massage: Dredge Channels Adjust Blood and Qi supply Tranquilizer and Pain-killer Improve Blood Circulation Rid Fatigue Adjust Organism Functioning Applied to those who: Need to balance blood pressure Are in high pressure and heavy stress Are suffering from headache and dizziness caused by electromagnetic radiation Are suffering from sub-health status Care about their health

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